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Below FAQs are some common concerns of our customers before purchasing our products, if you have any further queries, kindly send us an email on
Stevia is a zero-calorie botanical sweetener. It is derived from the plant Stevia Rebaudiana. Please be assured that the stevia used in WÅCÅO product line complies with all applicable regulations.
Although the volume of another sugar substitute, namely maltitol, used in WÅCÅO is higher than the volume of Stevia, maltitol is as sweet as sugar, while stevia is upto 400 times as sweet as sugar. Therefore, Stevia contributes to most of WÅCÅO’s sweetness, while maltitol and the natural fibers contribute to rounding out WÅCÅO’s delicious flavor profile and mouth-feel.
WÅCÅO sources its cocoa beans from the Idduki farms in Kerala, Southern India. By supporting local farmers WÅCÅO strongly believes in going #VocalForLocal
60% Sinful Dark, 60% Berry Blast and 60% Salted Almond Rocks are all vegan friendly. Please note, these products have been produced on equipment that also processes products containing dairy.
Please reference the specific WÅCÅO’s product ingredient label for ingredients, which may include milk, nuts and other allergens. All of WÅCÅO’s products are produced on equipment that also processes products containing nuts and dairy.
None of WÅCÅO’s products contain soy.
The percentage on the front of each WÅCÅO bar refers to the amount of pure cocoa in the chocolate of each bar.
All WÅCÅO chocolate bars are real chocolate by that we mean all our chocolate bars are couverture chocolate. Couverture chocolate is a higher quality chocolate that contains cocoa butter instead of vegetable oil. In order to be labeled couverture, chocolate must contain a minimum of 35% cocoa solids and 31% cocoa butter. The term ‘couverture chocolate’ is distinct from compound chocolates. Compound chocolates have a lower percentage of solids and contain non-cocoa fats such as vegetable oils.
At WÅCÅO, we do not add any artificial additives, preservatives or emulsifiers in our chocolate. We use organic cacao and all natural ingredients like stevia, natural freeze dried fruits, plant based sunflower lecithin (natural emulsifier) and locally sourced nuts and herbs.
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