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We handpick only the best Indian origin cocoa beans to make you loco for our WÅCÅO bar! The beans are fermented in a wooden box covered in banana leaves and dried in the sun to achieve our signature deep flavor and colour. We then roast the cocoa beans at an optimum temperature to bring out their natural chocolatey flavor.

The beans then undergo a process called ‘winnowing’, which separates the outer husk from the inner cocoa beans. Together with our Super Secret Natural Ingredients, the beans are ground for up to 3 days to give our chocolate bar a melt-in-the-mouth feel. Heating and cooling the chocolate, also known as ‘tempering’, gives the chocolate its glossy shine and classic snap.

Tempered chocolate is then poured into our WÅCÅO mould to set and cool. Once set, each bar is wrapped in an oxygen barrier pouch to keep your chocolate well- preserved! This is how delicious chocolatey goodness with all-natural ingredients is made at WÅCÅO, just for your guilt-free indulgence!

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