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Our Story

Who We Are

Our journey dates back a few years, when our close friends and family would ask us to bring back sugar-free goodies from our travels. This got us thinking... why are sugar-free options so limited in India which is deemed as the world’s capital of diabetes?!

After a little snooping around in stores and supermarkets across town, we realised that the few sugar-free chocolates that are available are imported and alarmingly expensive.

At this point the idea of a guilt-free sweet treat began brewing... You heard that right! As chocolate enthusiasts ourselves we dedicated our time and effort to offer you a delicious sugar-free chocolate bar just for your indulgence. Don’t say whaaaaat – say WÅCÅO!

Our Mission

WÅCÅO’s mission is to give you a chocolate with no added sugar that oozes deliciousness. What better way to know that taste doesn’t have to be compromised when you’re ready to make that lifestyle change of no-sugar.
At WÅCÅO, we sweeten our chocolates with stevia, a natural zero calorie sweetener, so you get the best of both worlds - guilt-free indulgence without compromising the sweetness of chocolate! We believe that good chocolate not only tastes good, but does good too.

Our Passion

With the help of locally sourced natural ingredients, we believe in going #VocalForLocal. By supporting our Indian farmers, only the best cocoa beans are sorted and sourced from farms in the Idukki region of Kerala, India.

WÅCÅO chocolates are handcrafted in small batches from the finest Indian sourced cocoa beans that are stone ground for upto 3 days using our Farm-to-Bar method to give you a rich creamy chocolate that’s waiting to melt in your mouth.



With more and more people making conscious lifestyle changes by eliminating sugar, snacking healthy and overall improving their way of living – WÅCÅO ensures that every step of the way we are here to support such change. Scroll below to know how.


If you have already purchased a WÅCÅO bar you know that each bar is sweetened with a zero calorie plant based natural sweetener known as 'stevia'. So congratulations! You have already achieved your goal of no sugar & yet you can enjoy chocolate!


Dark chocolate is considered to be good for health; a chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa contains a good amount of soluble fiber and is loaded with minerals. WÅCÅO dark chocolate gives you the energy and taste you desire without giving you a ‘sugar rush’ feel or making you feel bloated. A perfect guilt free bite or two (or three, really who is counting?) gives you just enough energy for that spring in your step. 4 pieces of WÅCÅO 60% plain chocolate bar has the same number of calories as an apple! So that’s ½ a WÅCÅO bar a day keeps the doctor away!


Dark chocolate is well-known for being a rich source of anti-oxidants and nutrients. Sugar is the villain that causes body and skin issues. In fact, most commercially available dark chocolate contains sugar (take a peek at the ingredients label of your favourite dark chocolate bar, and you may be surprised to see sugar listed as the first ingredient!). No problem with WÅCÅO because there is no sugar!


Take a bite of Wacao chocolate, with no added sugar. And no guilt. What more could one ask for? Safe to say that we imagine a time where WÅCÅO finds its way into every home – after all a balanced diet is having (WÅCÅO) chocolate in each hand ;)


Sourcing the finest cocoa beans and hand crafted in small batches with stevia – we create chocolate that tastes delicious without the harmful effects of sugar.
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